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Meeting Date: 3/5/2019 - 5:00 PM
Category: Study/Work Session
Type: Info
Subject: Alternative Ed Showcase (30 minute presentation; 10 minute Q&A)
End Statements:
End Statement I - Academic Excellence
Academic Excellence
End Statement II Outstanding Educators and Staff
Outstanding Educators and Staff
End Statement III Safe, Positive Climate and Culture
Safe, Positive Culture and Climate
Enclosure: Attachment #1: Alt Ed Showcase Presentation 03.05.19
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Alt Ed Showcase Presentation 03.05.19.pdf
Summary : The ALT ED Showcase is a compilation of our six alternative schools/programs in DCSD. Staff will bring awareness to and highlight the accomplishments of DC Oakes, Eagle Academy, eDCSD, DC Student Support Center, Bridge, and Plum Creek. The six principals will present as well as students, parents, and staff. Videos are included to highlight this celebration of all the extraordinary things happening at our ALT ED schools in DCSD.
Recommendation: Information only.
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Ted Knight - Assistant Superintendent
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Dr. Thomas Tucker - Superintendent