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Meeting Date: 1/24/2019 - 5:00 PM
Category: Study/Work Session
Type: Info
Subject: School Start Time Analysis and Project Status Update (20 minute presentation; 20 minute Q&A)
End Statements:
End Statement IV Collaborative Parent, Family, and Community Relations
Collaborative Parent and Community Relations
End Statement III Safe, Positive Climate and Culture
Safe, Positive Culture and Climate
End Statement V Financial Well-Being
Financial Well-Being
Enclosure: Attachment #1: School Start Time Analysis and Recommendation
Attachment #2: February 2018 Board of Education Resolution (Revised)
Attachment #3: School Start Time Summary of Research
Attachment #4: Hanover Research School Start Times Survey Analysis
Attachment #5: School Start Time Feedback
Attachment #6: School Start Time Analysis -Transportation Impact
Attachment #7: Capital Cost to Light Athletic Site Amenities
File Attachment:
School Start Time Analysis and Recommendation 01.22.19.pdf
18-08 2018.02.06 Resolution on Exploration of Later Start Times for Secondary Students.pdf
School Start Time Summary of Research.pdf
Hanover Reserach School Start Times Survey Analysis - DCSD.pdf
School Start Time Analysis - Transportation Impact.pdf
Summary : In October 2017, the Board of Education directed the Superintendent to present information and a recommendation to the Board concerning secondary start times. In February 2018, the Board passed a revised resolution concerning this analysis.

In September 2018, staff presented a status update and proposed plan of action. The presentation highlighted the following:

• It is logistically and financially impractical to modify secondary school start times without considering the impact to elementary school start times.  Therefore, this analysis will also consider changing start times for elementary schools.

• With the impact to bell schedules, parent and student schedules and activities, busing and traffic, we anticipate the actual schedule change would be an option for the 2020-2021 school year, upon approval by the Board. This time-frame was consistent with the revised Board resolution.

Staff researched and gathered information for identified key areas. Hanover Research surveyed high school students, parents and staff, and community meetings were held to gather feedback on potential scenarios for school start times.

Findings include information for the following key areas:

• Research on sleep, mental health and implementation
• Feedback from parents, students and staff
• Feedback from the community and Board committees
• Transportation Fleet and Staffing
• Capital and Operational Costs
• Athletics and Activities
• Before and After School Enterprise (BASE)
• Facility Rentals
• Other Considerations.

Douglas County School District is responsible for ensuring its students have the best opportunity to be successful in school. School districts continually seek avenues to improve student achievement, health and wellness. Delaying school start time for adolescents is one current method school districts are considering and some have already implemented.
Funding: Minimum cost increases would include:

• One-time Capital: $18.5 Million
• Annual Ongoing: $1.6 Million
• Community Impact: $2.1 Million.
Recommendation: That the Board consider the information presented.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Richard Cosgrove - Chief Operations Officer
Signed By:
Dr. Thomas Tucker - Superintendent