TYPE: Board Meeting
DATE: 9/1/2020 TIME: 5:00 PM
LOCATION: DCSD Admin Building - Board Room 3rd Floor, 620 Wilcox St., Castle Rock 80104
DETAILS: Sep 2020-1
The Board of Education and the Superintendent's Cabinet will attend this meeting in-person. In order to adhere to current social distancing guidelines, community members are asked to view this meeting via livestream at the following link. (copy and paste in your browser).
5:00 PM Call to Order and Roll Call
1. Roll Call Info
5:02 PM Convene in Executive Session I
2. Convene in Executive Session (a closed session) Action
6:02 PM Student and Staff Recognitions
3. Student and Staff Recognitions Info
6:17 PM Acceptance of Agenda
4. Acceptance of Agenda Action
6:22 PM Public Comment
5. Student Comment Info
6. Public Comment Info
6:52 PM Adoption of Consent Agenda Action
7. Adoption of Consent Agenda: Staff Recommendations, Detailed in Agenda Items #8-#11 Organized for Board of Education Block Approval Action
8. Design/Build Agreement for Upgrade to Building Automation System at Mountain Ridge Middle School Action
9. Design/Build Agreement for Upgrade to Building Automation System at Mountain Vista High School Action
10. Personnel Issues Action
11. Approval of STEM Charter School’s Non-Automatic Waivers of State Laws and/or Regulations and Replacement of Attachments 5 and 6 to STEM Charter School Contract Action
7:02 PM Adoption of Joint Motion Agenda Action
12. Board of Education: Unofficial Minutes Action
7:07 PM Superintendent Reports
13. Superintendent Report Info/Action
14. SY 2020-2021 Budget Update Info
8:07 PM Study/Work Session
15. Strategic Plan Update - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Info
8:32 PM Study/Action Items
16. Evaluation Recommendations 2020-2021 Action
9:02 PM Study/Policy Revision
17. Board File GBAB Workplace Health and Safety Protection - Second Reading Action
18. Board File JH Student Attendance Info/Action
19. Board File JI/JIA Student Rights and Responsibilities/Due Process Rights Info/Action
20. Board File JIC/JICDA Student Conduct Info/Action
21. Board File JICA Student Dress Info/Action
22. Board File JLCC Communicable Diseases and Long-Term Illnesses Info/Action
23. Superintendent Policy Updates Info
9:22 PM Action Items
24. Board Action on Student Expulsion Appeal Action
9:32 PM Board of Education Reports
25. Resolution for Board Committee Areas of Focus Info/Action
26. Board Report: President and Vice President Items Info
27. Board Committee and Liaison Reports Info
9:47 PM Adjournment
28. Meeting Evaluation Info
29. Adjournment Action
The next meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for September 15, 2020.