TYPE: Board Meeting
DATE: 8/18/2020 TIME: 5:00 PM
LOCATION: DCSD Admin Building - Board Room 3rd Floor, 620 Wilcox St., Castle Rock 80104
DETAILS: Aug 2020-2
The Board of Education and the Superintendent's Cabinet will attend this meeting in-person. In order to adhere to current social distancing guidelines, community members are asked to view this meeting via livestream at the following link.
5:00 PM Study, Dialogue and Dinner Session
1. Study, Dialogue and Dinner Session Info
6:00 PM Call to Order and Roll Call
2. Roll Call Info
6:02 PM Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance Info
6:05 PM Acceptance of Agenda
4. Acceptance of Agenda Action
6:10 PM Public Comment
5. Student Comment Info
6. Public Comment Info
6:40 PM Adoption of Consent Agenda Action
7. Adoption of Consent Agenda: Staff Recommendations, Detailed in Agenda Items #8-#13 Organized for Board of Education Block Approval Action
8. Design/Build Agreement for Upgrade to Building Automation System at Rocky Heights Middle School Action
9. Edgenuity Curriculum Resource Approval Action
10. Approval of Edgenuity Spend Action
11. Approval of Resolution Designating CHSSA Executive Committee Members 2020-2021 SY Action
12. Approval of the Licensed Employee Short-Term Employment Contract Form Action
13. Approval of CCC Program Agreement with COVIDCheck Colorado Action
6:50 PM Adoption of Joint Motion Agenda Action
14. Board of Education: Unofficial Minutes Action
6:55 PM Study/Work Session
15. Mill Bond Oversight Ad Hoc Committee First Annual Report Info
7:10 PM Superintendent Reports
16. Superintendent Report Info/Action
17. SY 2020-2021 Budget Update Info
8:10 PM Study/Action Items
18. Formalize COVID-19 Risk Level Dashboard Info/Action
8:40 PM Study/Policy Revision
19. Board File IC/ICA School Year/School District Calendar/Instructional Time - Second Reading Action
20. Board File KI Visitors to the Schools Info/Action
21. Board File GBAA Sexual Harassment Under Title IX and Other Prohibited Misconduct of a Sexual Nature Info/Action
22. Board File JICC-R-2 Student Conduct on School Buses Info/Action
23. Board File GBAB Workplace Health and Safety Protection - First Reading Action
8:55 PM Board of Education Reports
24. Board Report: President and Vice President Items Info
25. Board Committee and Liaison Reports Info
9:05 PM Adjournment
26. Adjournment Action
The next meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for September 1, 2020.