TYPE: Board Meeting
DATE: 5/12/2020 TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: Remote Meeting
DETAILS: May 2020-1
The Board of Education of Douglas County School District RE-1 takes seriously the health and safety of its directors, staff, and community. Consistent with Governor Jared Polis's Amended Public Health Order issued on March 25, 2020 directing Coloradans to stay at home whenever possible, this meeting of the Board of Education will be held via electronic participation and will be open to the public by broadcast via electronic means by accessing the following link (copy and paste in your browser).
5:30 PM Call to Order and Roll Call
1. Roll Call Info
5:32 PM Acceptance of Agenda
2. Acceptance of Agenda Action
5:37 PM Public Comment
3. Public Comment Info
6:07 PM Adoption of Consent Agenda Action
4. Adoption of Consent Agenda: Staff Recommendations, Detailed in Agenda Items #5-#12 Organized for Board of Education Block Approval Action
5. Initial Guaranteed Maximum Price for Charter School Capital Improvement Projects - Phase I (2020-2021) Action
6. Initial Guaranteed Maximum Price for 2020 Bond Improvement Projects - Phase 1 Support Facilities Action
7. Mill Bond Oversight Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations for Membership Action
8. Annual Contract: Renewals and Non-Renewals of Employment Action
9. Legal Notice - Proposed Budget FY 2020-2021 Action
10. Douglas County School District's Application for 2020-2021 Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Funds (Title Funds) Action
11. Novel and Textbook Adoption Action
12. Personnel Changes Action
6:17 PM Adoption of Joint Motion Agenda Action
13. Board of Education: Unofficial Minutes Action
6:22 PM Superintendent Reports
14. Superintendent Report Info
6:32 PM Study/Work Session
15. Student Advisory Group Presentation (30 min) Info
16. SY 2019-2020 Third Quarter Financials Info
17. FY2020-2021 Budget Update Info
8:02 PM Study/Action Items
18. Employee Medical Premium Benefits Action
19. School Capacity and Boundary Analysis Update Regarding Request for Guidance on Next Steps Info/Action
8:47 PM Action Items
20. Resolution Suspension of Superintendent Evaluation for the 2019-2020 School Year Action
9:02 PM Board of Education Reports
21. Board Report: President and Vice President Items Info
22. Board Committee and Liaison Reports Info
9:12 PM Adjournment
23. Meeting Evaluation Info
24. Adjournment Action
A Special meeting of the Board of Education has been scheduled for May 26, 2020. The next regular meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for June 9, 2020.