Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 2/6/2018 - 5:00 PM
Category: Study/Action Items
Type: Action
Subject: Proposed One Year Charter Extension for Hope Online Learning Academy (15 minute presentation, 15 minute Q&A)
End Statements:
Enclosure: Attachment #1: 2018.02.06 Hope Online Contract Extension Resolution
Attachment #2: 2018.02.06 Amendment to Hope Online Charter School Contract
Attachment #3: Hope Presentation 02.06.2018
Attachment #4: Memo to BoE RE Hope Extension - NOTE that linked documents in the memo are attached here.
Attachment #5: DCSD/Hope Online Contract 2013-18
Attachment #6: Hope Online List of Learning Centers
Attachment #7: Hope Compliance to Federal & State Law (Contract Page 9)
Attachment #8: Hope Indemnification (Contract Page 10)
Attachment #9: Hope Insurance (Contract Page 14)
Attachment #10: Hope Management Plan
Attachment #11: Hope State Board Presentation 3.21.17
Attachment #12: Hope DCSD Letter to Sate Board 03.21.17
Attachment #13: CDE Final Written Determination Hope Online
Attachment #14: Hope UIP Appendices
Attachment #15: Hope CDE Accountability Pathway Recommendation 3.17.17
Attachment #16: Hope Accreditation 2014
Attachment #17: Hope Accreditation 2015
Attachment #18: Hope Accreditation 2016
File Attachment:
2018.02.06 HOPE Online Contract Extension Resolution.pdf
2018.02.06 Amendment to Hope Online Charter School Contract (1).pdf
HOPE_DCSD Presentation_FINAL_02062018.pdf
Memo to BOE RE HOPE Extension (1).pdf
Executed Copy - DCSD Contract 2013-18 with Attachments.pdf
Hope Online List of Learning Centers.pdf
Hope Compliance to Federal & State Law (Contract Page 9).pdf
Hope Indemnification (Contract Page 10).pdf
Hope Insurance (Contract Page 14).pdf
HOPE Management Plan.pdf
HOPE_SBE Presentation_FINAL_03212017.pdf
Hope DCSD Letter to State Board 03.21.17.pdf
CDE Final Written Determination_HOPE Online Learning Academy Elementary and Middle School.pdf
HOPE UIP Appendices.pdf
Hope CDE Accountability Pathway Recommendation-_3.17.17 final.pdf
HOPE Accreditation 2014.pdf
HOPE Accreditation 2015.pdf
HOPE Accreditation 2016 - Support (1).pdf
Summary : Consideration of one year contract extension for Hope Online Learning Academy.
Recommendation: That the Board of Education approves or denies the Hope Online Learning Academy contract extension.
Recommended By:
David Ray President
Signed By:
Steve Colella - Chief Human Resources Officer and Acting Legal Counsel
Signed By: