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Meeting Date: 8/1/2017 - 5:00 PM
Category: Superintendent Reports
Type: Info
Subject: 2017-2018 Master Capital Plan (20 minute presentation; 20-minute Q&A)
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Enclosure: Attachment #1: 2017-2018 Master Capital Plan
Attachment #2: 2017-2018 Master Capital Plan Presentation
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2017-18 Master Capital Plan.pdf
Summary : The 2017-18 Master Capital Plan encompasses a five year period (2017-2022) and serves as an important tool in the District’s planning decisions. This document details population, development, and enrollment trends within the District, summarizes the estimated cost, proposed locations, and risks and opportunities for new construction, and identifies and prioritizes our capital reinvestment needs.

The 2017-18 Master Capital Plan summarizes total needs by facility and also by the type of need, i.e., buses, facility reinvestment, new construction, contingency, etc. The document also provides a detailed listing and/or project description of every individual capital reinvestment project and/or need. A base construction cost is provided for each project (materials and labor) as well as a cost range for potential project management and inflation costs. This was done to communicate that the total cost for performing projects can vary based on the complexity of the project and the year of completion.

The New Construction portion of the document provides three separate cost scenarios. These scenarios provide cost estimates of building new schools to the current DCSD standards, value engineered standards, and the least expensive facility standards which are similar to residential or commercial facility standards.

New additions to the 2017-18 Master Capital Plan include an expanded discussion of current enrollment trends and school capacity relief alternatives, and the potential risks and opportunities associated with pursuing capacity relief options in place of new construction. Appendices 5 and 6 have also been added to this year’s report to illustrate the potential annual cost of reinvestment and changes in the cost of needs stated in last year’s report vs. this year’s report.

Every year the updated Master Capital Plan is presented to the Board of Education with recommendations for 5 years of projected capital projects. Recognizing that school facilities must adapt to fluid educational requirements and that the District exists in a dynamic community, it is imperative that planning for the future educational and facility needs of the District is continual and ongoing.
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