Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 4/18/2017 - 5:00 PM
Category: Work Session
Type: Info
Subject: First Reading of the Revised Board File JQ - Appendix A Student Fee Schedule (10 minutes)
End Statements:
Enclosure: Attachment #1: Revised Redline for Appendix A
Attachment #2: Revised Blueline for Appendix A
Attachment #3: Proposed Draft for Appendix A
Attachment #4: Fee Proposal, E-Media
Attachment #5: Fee Proposal, IT Applications
Attachment #6: Fee Proposal, Survey of Biotech Engineering
Attachment #7: Fee Proposal, ECE
File Attachment:
Revised Blueline April 2017 Fee Schedule FY 17-18 Appendix A.xlsx.pdf
Proposed Draft Appendix A April 2017.xlsx.pdf
Fee Proposal, e-Media.pdf
Fee Proposal, IT Applications.pdf
Fee Proposal Survey of Biotech Engineering.pdf
Fee Proposal ECE.pdf
Summary : Recommended changes as follows:

The Revised Redline version of Appendix A (attachment #1) reflects courses that are being removed from Appendix A. These courses are no longer being taught in the District and are inactive in Infinite Campus.

The Blueline version of Appendix A (attachment #2) has been reformatted in its entirety to allow for efficiency in its organization. This document contains a listing of course name and number as it appears in Infinite Campus. It includes course fees that have been requested through the Course Fee Proposal Form as well as two new courses which were approved by the Board of Education at the October 18, 2016 meeting.

Following that is Proposed Draft Policy of JQ Appendix A, Fee Schedule FY 2017-2018 (Attachment #3) which is the final version of Appendix A. This is a result of combining the Redline and Blueline documents in this new format.

The final four attachments are the Fee Proposal forms.
Attachment #4 Fee Proposal form, E-Media
Attachment #5 Fee Proposal form, IT Application
Attachment #6 Fee Proposal form, Survey of Biotech Engineering
Attachment #7 Fee Proposal form for increased fees for Early Childhood Education
Recommendation: This first reading is provided for your review and/or approval.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Erik Prouty - Director of Academic Systems
Signed By:
Bonnie J. Betz - Chief Financial Officer
Signed By:
William E. Trachman - General Legal Counsel
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