End Statements

End 1.0 The Douglas County Board of Education is committed to ensuring a World Class Educational System where all students will be globally competitive, including:
End 1.1 Communication - Students will use effective interpersonal skills to build positive relationships and promote collaborative learning, be able to express thoughts clearly and cohesively to articulate opinions, motivate others through powerful speech, and communicate ideas through the creation of authentic products;
End 1.2 Critical Thinking - Students will be able to analyze relevant information, reason effectively, use systems thinking, solve authentic problems, make accurate judgments, and reflect critically on learning experiences, processes, and solutions;
End 1.3 Collaboration - Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams, to exercise flexibility and willingness to make necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal, assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, to value the individual contributions made by each team member, and to work in teams for sustained periods to develop high quality products; and
End 1.4 Creativity - Students will be able to create new and worthwhile ideas, demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work, elaborate, refine, analyze, and evaluate original ideas, and act on ideas to make tangible and useful innovative contributions to their learning.
End 1.5 Graduation - Students will meet or exceed all graduation requirements that assuredly enable them to pursue the higher education of their choice or competitively compete in the global workforce.
Supplementary End 2.1 Global Awareness
Supplementary End 2.2 Financial Literacy
Supplementary End 2.3 Problem Solving
Supplementary End 2.4 Health/Wellness
Supplementary End 2.5 Resiliency/Adaptability
Supplementary End 2.6 Civic Responsibility
Supplementary End 2.7 Systems Thinking