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5/8/2018 - 5:00 PM  
Adoption of Consent Agenda  
Calendar Approval, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021  
End Statements:
Attachment #1: Calendar Presentation to DAC
Attachment #2: Summary of Survey Feedback
Attachment #3: Summary of SAG Feedback
Attachment #4: 2019-2020 Calendar 1
Attachment #5: 2019-2020 Calendar 2
Attachment #6: 2019-2020 Calendar 3
Attachment #7: 2020-2021 Calendar 1
Attachment #8: 2020-2021 Calendar 2
Attachment #9: 2020-2021 Calendar 3
File Attachment:
Calendar Presentation.pdf
Douglas County School District Calendar Survey - Responses.pdf
Calendar Survey for SAG - Responses.pdf
2019-2020 Calendar 1.pdf
2019-2020 Calendar 2 .pdf
2019-2020 Calendar 3.pdf
2020-2021 Calendar 1.pdf
2020-2021 Calendar 2.pdf
2020-2021 Calendar 3.pdf
Summary :
Background Information:
Calendar Committee, facilitated by Carrie Stephenson and comprised of leaders, teachers, classified staff members and parents, worked to develop three conventional calendar options for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years. A survey was developed and distributed to staff and parents of neighborhood schools. The survey received 10,111 responses. Additionally, feedback was received from the Student Advisory Group. The Calendar Committee presented to the DAC on May 1 and, based on the feedback, recommended that Calendar Option 2 be approved. The DAC approved calendar option 2.

Rationale for Request:
Colorado Statute 22-32-109. Board of Education - specific duties.
(B) Prior to the beginning of the school year, each district shall provide for the adoption of a district calendar which is applicable to all schools within the district. The district calendar or individual school calendars may be adopted by the board of education, the district administration, the school administration, or any combination thereof. A copy of the calendar shall be provided to the parents or guardians of all children enrolled in schools within the district. Such calendar shall include the dates for all staff in-service programs scheduled for the school year. The board, district administration, or school administration shall allow for public input from parents and teachers prior to scheduling the dates for staff in-service program. Any change in the calendar, excluding changes resulting from emergency closings or other unforeseen circumstances, shall be preceded by adequate and timely notice from the board, district, administration, or school administration of not less than thirty days.
No cost  
The Calendar Committee requests that the Board of Education approve the recommendation of the Calendar Committee as well as the District Accountability Committee to adopt Calendar Option #2 as the Conventional Calendar for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.  
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Ted Knight - Assistant Superintendent
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